The Challenge

MEIDAM, house of Dermatology each year in the city of Dubai, attracts over 4000 experts and participants from around the world to discuss their research, share knowledge, and innovations in aesthetic medicine with the wider medical community and governments, and enhance capabilities of practitioners in the East and West.

HealthCapital Menacare is providing global exposure to innovative technologies and concepts to the industry and is serving as a central repository for healthcare and medical innovation. The matching services at the Health Capital Network are working on many fronts to build, strengthen, and support the development of capital formation efforts of investors and innovators.

MEIDAM and HealthCapital of the MENACARE group USA are excited to support innovations and accelerate commercialization through the Global Startup Challenge and Innovation Hub 2020 for innovators and startups in MENA Region and around the world to showcase their talents in the skincare, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging sector. In participation from top corporate partners, experts, venture capital funds, accelerators we will be selecting top Start challenge ideas for awards and participation in the Innovation Hub.



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Innovation Selection Criteria 



Innovations from the competition will be selected based on the fit within the following innovation sub sectors: 


Have a viable and scalable business idea/product line/invention in the following innovation verticals:


  • Beauty and Make up (Innovative clean, vegan, and natural products)

  • Digital therapeutics, Robotics and Services

  • Digital health leveraging technologies (AR/VR, AI/ML), Telemedicine, Patient Monitoring

  • MedTech, SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, based tech models

  • Biotech, Deep science based solutions

  • Consumer/Retail Tech/ Devices

  • Sustainability Tech

  • Future of Work Tech in context of dermatology, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine.Add space below 


Awards will be given in the following categories 


  • Best Covid-19 response

  • Environmental response

  • Aesthetic Innovation

  • Advanced Therapeutic Innovation

  • Surgical Innovation

  • Hair Innovation

  • Beauty Innovation

  • Wound care Innovation 

  • Natural Innovation

  • Newly formulated products

  • Skin health Innovation & diagnostics

  • Novel skin care solutions (non-topical, ingestibles)

  • Consumer Interaction Innovation

  • Packaging Innovation

  • R&D Innovator Leader

  • Social Impact



Rules and guidelines for participation



  • Have demonstrable traction in the market

  • Have less than 100 employees

  • Be at least 1-5 years in the business

  • Pre Seed, Seed, or Series A Stage Company


Any company and individual who feels that they have a chance of winning, can enter any of the award categories.


You are able to enter multiple categories if you believe you qualify.


The criteria for each category needs to be heavily considered when submitting your information.


Make sure that your submissions highlight the key factors that have been asked for.


Accurate information is essential for all submissions as it is from this information that the judges will make their informed decisions. The submitted information will also appear within the results on MEIDAM Innovation Hub by HealthCapital, all promotional material, media coverage, certificates and trophies.


The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Entries need to be received by November 15th, 2020. Anything received after this date will not be considered.


Information provided needs to be accurate otherwise the entry will be disqualified.


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